Private lessons in Audio Engineering and Music Production

by Nikolay Georgiev on May 24, 2018

Hello there, I just made this post on my Facebook feed and thought that it would be a good idea to have it here too. Thanks for reading, Nik

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So providing there is interest, I made the decision to start giving a limited number of private lessons in Audio Engineering and Music Production – you know, on all the things I feel confident to teach and love. Yesterday while cycling home after another class at Abbey Road Institute (as visiting lecturer) I was reflecting back on how things went and teaching and passing on knowledge in general. The fact is – as much as I love the things I do right now, I miss teaching and want a bit of this in my life. I spent so much time learning and experimenting with stuff, and scratching my head over things that are widely misunderstood, and the whole process of seeing people grow and the joy of sharing and helping just makes me think it will be a waste not to do it. The trouble is that to do this at Uni level, at least in the UK, I need a PhD, which even if a great asset, is something I simply cannot afford to go for ATM. But then I thought there are so many of you here who will know me well and will know others who may need my help, so lets give this a try. Happy to do this at my place in Crouch End (London) where I have a good listening environment and some big ass speakers and its easy to connect laptops, or move around London for this, maybe even try it online. If anyone wants to see a full list of the subjects I have taught, please refer to my LinkedIn profile linked below. If you scroll down you’ll see info about my 6+ years at SAE London and my voluntary work as educator participating in and organising events together with some of the biggest names in the industry incl. some international events. And more importantly – you can check all the amazing references from ex-students and colleagues that mean a lot to me. And just to be clear – I am not offering anyone to do their assignments or something dodgy, just because I happen to know the exam questions at a few Unis haha. However, I will be happy to help people understand those things that are of trouble and difficult to grasp, or such that can help for achieving better results with assignments, recording, mixing, console signal flow, theory, etc. To be honest, I would even do this free of charge if I could, but you know, because of capitalism I’ll obviously have to charge for my time. Still, I know that particularly current students may be quite stressed out when comes to cash, so I can make compromises on that front or work with small groups, etc. And if you feel like sharing the love, give this post some of it and spread the word. Oh, and a few pics from lectures/workshops of mine, just so this post look cooler. PM for more info, and check my profile here and on LinkedIn. Thanks! Nik

At the ‘Gnesin’ AES European Student Summit in Moscow, September 2015. Delivering a 3 day Recording, Editing and Mixing Workshop/Masterclass.

At the AES November 2015 event, British Grove Studios. ‘Analogue Compression – Theory and Practice.’ Lecture and panel discussion for the AES UK Section. Together with Tim de Paravicini – Founder of EAR Yoshino, Carlos Lellis – Programme Coordinator at Abbey Road Institute, David Stewart – Studio Manager, British Grove Studios, Brian Gibson – 1967-1998 – Technical Department at Abbey Road, Charlie Slee – Founder of Big Bear Audio. Held at Mark Knopfler’s British Grove Studios in November 2015.

At the 4th edition of the AES student event ‘Up your Output!’, University of York, March 2016. Delivering a Masterclass on Drum Recording and Mixing.

At Abbey Road Institute, September 2017. Lecture ‘On the objective measurable differences between analogue and digital circuit distortions, equalisers and compressors. Some conclusions and practical implications related to getting out the best of their use’.

At the AES European Student Summit in Belgrade, September 2013. Lecture: ‘Conceptualising Time and Space in acoustic music production: some insights on recording and mixing.’

During a lecture on the Neve Genesys at SAE London.



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