Can convolution do realistic distorted reverb? Video incl.

by Nikolay Georgiev on November 2, 2017

A lecture we did for the AES UK Section together with Giancarlo Del Sordo (CEO/CTO at Acustica Audio) and Stefano Dall’Ora (plug-in developer at Acustica Audio & kick ass double-bass player) is now available on YouTube.

Check it out in case you are one of those who enjoys to geek out and would want to know more about how this particular plug-in modeling technique works. A must watch for any students who have interest in DSP, convolution and plug-in development. The tech behind Acustica Audio’s Ebony Plate Reverb and Channel Strip plug-in (pictured below) has been discussed in some great detail in this talk.

Ebony Plate Reverb Channel Strip Acustica Audio


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