Nikolay GeorgievWho am I?

My name is Nikolay Georgiev. I am a freelance sound engineer and music producer based in London. I am in love with music, recording music, mixing music and working with sounds. Friends call me Nik.

I still remember how fascinated and happy I was when in 1996 I did my first ever 4-track music recording. Since then I have participated in projects of various musical genres like: classical music, jazz, folklore, pop, rock, progressive rock, electronic, metal and avant-garde experimental music.

I play electric guitar, compose music and love any minute spent in listening!

I started my career in live sound right from the bottom working for various promoters in Bulgaria on gigs as the MTV Exit; Earth, Wind & Fire; Simply Red; Al Di Meola; Eric Truffaz Quartet; Methodman; various Jazz, Rock and Reggae festivals. In the same period I composed and mixed a lot of my own music and such for customers on freelance basis. In 2007 I moved permanently to the UK and in 2009 I graduated at SAE London in Sound Engineering and Music Production. I started freelancing in the UK pretty much right after I moved here.

From 2011 until 2017 I spent 6+ years working for SAE mostly part-time. In the beginning I was both teaching and providing tech support. Latter on I was only lecturing and I left SAE as the Advanced Music Production Module Leader on the BA/BSc Audio and Music Production Degree. Being around the campus allowed me to record, mix and experiment in the studios based around consoles as the SSL 4000 G+, Neve VR Legend, Neve Genesys, Neve Custom 75, SSL AWS, TL Audio VTC, Yamaha OR2, Neve DFC, Digidesign Control 24, Digidesign Icon and others.

Since April 2019 I am Antelope Audio‘s UK Ambassador. One of my main roles is to help the company expand its business and broaden its contact network. Anyone in my feed who wants to talk business, get in touch with me! Artists, engineers and producers – I’m interested in collaborations and making new connections. If you have any questions related to Antelope’s product line or specific features, you can talk to me. Pros in the process of building new facilities – I can help with this. University leaders – happy to offer special EDU pricing for your students. Potential and existing dealers – I’m keen to help you with your jobs and sales.

Acustica Audio Logo

Since the beginning of 2014 I work on freelance basis as an internal and 3rd party plug-in developer for Acustica Audio and represent the company in the UK. As internal developer I was involved in the creation of the entire of Navy2 and Lime plug-ins, EQ A in Pink and the bigger part of Cream2. I will soon start releasing my own libraries both for the free N4 Player and commercial N4. N4 is a sampler based on Volterra series non-linear convolution capable of reproducing the behaviour of various sampled audio devices and acoustic or electrical systems (e.g. EQs, Compressors, circuit distortions, real rooms, flangers, echo units, etc.)

Currently I also tutor at ICMP London and I am a regular visiting lecturer at Abbey Road Institute London.

AES Full Member LogoI am a full voting member of the The Audio Engineering Society (AES). I first joined the AES as a student member in 2009. In the period between December 2011 until February 2017 I had the pleasure to be a member of the British Executive Committee and consequently Chair the Section in 2015. As such (and with the aid of a great committee!) I helped founding and organising the Student Event ‘Up your Output!’. I chaired the event in 2013 and 2014 and I was a past-chair in 2015.

MPG Full Member Logo

I am currently a full member of the Music Producers Guild UK and I first joined the guild as an associate member in May 2011.

In 2008 I graduated with distinction in Philosophy and defended a thesis titled: ‘Truth, truthfulness and Music” –  an attempt to interpret from a fresh point of view the so often misinterpreted philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and his concept of Truth and truthfulness. I did this by focusing my attention on his passionate and radical visions of the music of Bach, Mozart and Richard Wagner.

What do I do?

Nik Georgiev

• Location recordings of classical, jazz, acoustic music, all kind of contemporary amplified music.
• Music Production & Studio work. I can produce your music or simply engineer on your session. I can help you to choose the right studio for your aims and budget, engineer the recording, and once the session is over, edit and mix your tracks in my mixing room.
• Original samples for electronic and experimental music, sound effects, environmental atmospheres, ambient re-amping of “dry” sounds, or ambient mixing and re-amping of “dry” multitrack projects.
• Online Mixing. Stem Mixing. I also don’t insist to be the cream of the crop Mastering Engineer, but I have more than 20 full length albums mastered under my belt and friends prefer to work with due to my vast musical knowledge and wide ranging taste.
• Location recordings of acoustic instruments and musician management. If you need a violin part, cello or classical guitar for your film or song, a grand or a small orchestra – I can organise this!
• Sound design & foley. I can record almost any sound on earth and create any on-demand ones by the means of recording, synthesizing, editing and processing audio.

And in case there is a “more than one person job” to be done, a good team of professional audio engineers and assistants is always available around to help.

Why me?

• High personal attention for every project no matter the size;
• Very good technical knowledge;
• Well maintained state of the art recording equipment;
• Considerate musical pre-production (careful familiarisation with the musical or film material and the final goals of the project and it’s budget, etc.);
• Good technical pre-production (pre-recording inspection of the recording venue, aesthetic and safety considerations, etc.);
• Careful post-production done in the right acoustically treated environment (editing, mixing & mastering).

Nik Georgiev Mixing