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Dear Friends,

In the last couple of years I had the chance to collect a vast diversity of sounds recorded on location. Those include: sampled instruments, nature and city sounds, effects, impulse responses of places where I’ve worked, loops and others. I have decided to start this page and share some of those with you.

The only reason for uploading them bit by bit is the lack of free time. Please follow me on tweeter for updates and new uploads.

All sound files available for download on this page are royalty free. You can use them in your music or film projects as you wish.* I will be happy to hear that people have found a good use for my samples and even happier to hear some of those projects. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and share news and suggestions.

All the best,
Nikolay Georgiev

* For detailed information please visit the Copyright Page.


23 Hand Clap Samples

Hand Claps Free Samples Download - vol. 1

My first upload is a collection of 23 hand clap samples. These have been recorded in various locations and all have a unique sonic character. Check out some of them as mp3s below. Download all samples as high quality 24bit WAV files here.



The Water Pot Loops

The Water Pot Loops - Free DownloadThis is a small collection of 6 loops. I don’t really remember how I created them, but they have been pitch-shifted and edited. All I remember is recording the initial sounds by shaking slowly a large steel pot full of water and having some water drops falling inside. I have included the loops in their original duration and time-stretched to tempo versions. Download the loops as 24bit WAV files here.


Sine Sweeps for Waves IR1 (96kHz 24bit WAV)

Impulse Responses - Free Download

From top left to right: A bridge on Regent’s Canal in Dalston, St Mary Magdalene – The Crypt, All Saints Church in Finchley, A Huge Empty Hall

Those are 26 sweeps for Waves IR1 from 7 different location, all recorded at 96kHz 24bit using a speaker.  The ZIP includes also pictures of those places. Each file comes with detailed description of the recording equipment and speaker used, the microphone placement and recording techniques employed. The original sweep file is included in the ZIP too. Enjoy.

• The Saint Mary’s Crypt in London
• The Catholic Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria
• A Huge Empty Hall with Wooden Floor and Concrete Celling
• A Fender Bassman inside a Small Room
• A 4 floor Mosaic Floor Stairway
• Under a Bridge on Regent’s Canal, London
• All Saints Church in Finchley, London

Download the Impulse Response Library vol.1 from Dropbox.


Drum & Cave Samples Vol.1

Drum Kit Cave - Free Samples Vol.1In July of 2010 I was in Bulgaria for my usual summer holiday. Of course the decease of being mad about recording is one which followed me even there. Me and my friends Andrei Andreev (sound engineer, composer & bassist of Auditory Ossicles) and Ivan Andreev (Composer and Drummer of Auditory Ossicles) were looking for a place where we could record a few great sounding drum beats without renting a studio. For the purpose we used just a pair of AKGC414 XLS mics and Grace Pre/ADCs. The place was a stone tunnel – cave near the Bulgarian border with Serbia. This is Vol1 of 3, or maybe more. Please bear with me until I edit for upload the rest. I find the samples very useful when Snare/Kick sample doubling in a song is needed. Compress or Envelope Manipulate in your sampler for more punch or ambiance. All samples are 24bit/44KHz WAV files. As a bonus I’ve included some heavily processed files too.

Download the Drum & Cave Samples vol.1 from Dropbox.


Bicycle Spokes Re-amped in a Church

Bicycle Spokes Re-amped in a ChurchMe and a friend Pete recorded these in my garage playing with a screwdriver and the spokes of my poor Bicycle. At some point I had the chance to re-amp them in a church using a Adam A7 speaker. Some great sounds IMO. What would you use them for? No clue – but I love them. The craziest part of this is that you can actually hear the birds outside my garage singing their now re-amped song. 10 samples of the re-amped Schoeps MK2 room pair + Coles 4038 close.

Download all samples as high quality 24bit WAV files here.



Mechanical Clock Re-amped in a ChurchClock Re-amped in a Church

I got the dry sound of this from a cheap IKEA clock with a DPA4011. Than I re-amped it in a Church using a Adam A7 speaker. Here you’ll find a Schoeps MK2 room pair, Coles 4038 close and DPA4011 pointing at the far end of the hall. I can imagine this being useful for installations and similar. I used the sample as a loop under a drum beat to enhance the groove. What’s cool about the samples is the flexibility all the mic choices give.

Download the samples from Dropbox.




Countryside Well Water Splashes 96kHz 24bit WAV

These 13 samples are tracked inside a well in the countryside in Bulgaria. I had some fun by hanging in the mics on their cables, than trowing stones into the water. Some great reverb on the splashes. Unfortunately the Line Audio cm3 mics, although great sounding, we a bit noisy. Thus all samples were de-noised just a bit.

Download the samples from Dropbox.



The English Channel near Seaford, UK (96kHz 24bit WAV)

The English Channel - Free Samples Download-w

These are two recordings of the English Channel near Seaford, UK. The first one was made right next to the water and is about 4min long. The second was recorded from about 50 meters distance and has a length of 2min. Both captured with Schoeps MK5 mics and Nagra LB recorder. Cheers

Download the samples from Dropbox.